Auto Restoration

RCWe understand the love and hard work you have invested in you're ride.

We share your feelings and expertly transform you're classic automobile to it's original condition and/or as exotic as you would like to go. From touch up to major restorations we can put the finishing touches on your restoration project.

Our team of expert craftsmen understand what you expect because the owners of this business personally inspect each and every step in the process of completing your restoration.

Master certifications have been earned by the owners of this business and unlike most our craftsmen are held to the highest standard "YOURS" come on give us a call and test us you will quickly come to understand we mean business.

It's simple really, we're not done until you say we are. Your project is not downtime filler work for our shops, you are the reason we are here.

Our restorations take months not years. Quality workmanship in a timely manner, just as you should expect.

We will be more than happy to E-mail photos of the work in progress as we do it and oh by the way did I mention you are invited to join us any time you wish, who knows it's not unheard of to learn a little something new.

Give us a call 250-374-565